Jarrod's Gift

“My time was short, but if I’ve helped people think and act on behalf families with cancer, hopefully, it wasn’t wasted.” - Jarrod Lyle

Jarrod knew firsthand the hardship young people and their families face when battling cancer. As an ambassador for Challenge, Jarrod was committed to making a difference for children and families living with cancer. He was passionate about supporting children who faced an experience similar to his own and had a unique ability to engage and connect. 

Challenge and Jarrod had a long relationship, respecting each other greatly. With Jarrod’s passing, the organisation wanted to continue Jarrod’s legacy, now known as Jarrod’s Gift. 

Monies raised from the #DoingItForJarrod campaign go directly to Challenge to provide practical support that Jarrod knew was important to families. 

Some of these services include:

  • Home Help which is assistance from a professional cleaning service
  • Food and supermarket vouchers 
  • Financial and practical assistance. 

The Jarrod’s Gift program is also working closely with world-renowned Herald Sun cartoonist, Mark Knight, to create a collection of illustrated books to be used as an educational resource for new and existing families.

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