Getting Started

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Why does our club need to register, and how do we register? 

All you need to do is choose a members' day to be your club’s #DoingItForJarrod day, complete an online registration form, and collect a donation from each player on the day.

By registering your event and contact details, we can send you a free registration pack and support you throughout the process. Your club's name will also be mentioned on the official PGA of Australia Honour Board, unveiled at the 2024 Fortinet Australian PGA Championship. 

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Who can be our club's #DoingItForJarrod organiser?

Anyone can be the main contact for your event. It does not need to be a club professional, club captain, committee member or general manager. 

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Is this campaign open to social golf clubs?

Of course! Social clubs receive exactly the same support, resources and recognition as other clubs. Social clubs will also see their name on the Honour Board later this year at the 2024 Fortinet Australian PGA Championship.

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What happens after we register?

Once you register your club for #DoingItForJarrod, you will be sent an Authority to Fundraise that you can show to potential donors or sponsors to prove that your fundraising is legitimate. You will also be sent, at no cost to you, a special registration pack that includes several products for your club to use as giveaways or prizes on the day.

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We haven't received our registration pack. 

We endeavour to get all registration packs out to clubs in plenty of time for your nominated date. If your event is less than 10 days away and your pack has not yet arrived, please email

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What happens if we have to change our #DoingItForJarrod event date?

No problem! Just email the new date to so we can update your event details. 
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What do we do if our club is asked for proof that we are fundraising for Challenge?

After you have registered to be part of our #DoingItForJarrod campaign, you will receive an Authority to Fundraise letter that formalises your commitment to fundraise on behalf of Challenge. You will be able to show that letter to donors and sponsors as needed, and anyone else who may ask to see it.

Planning & Promotion

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What support will we receive from Challenge?

Once you register, we will send you a free registration pack containing a sleeve of three yellow Titleist Pro V1x stamped with #DoingItForJarrod, #6 pin flag, an exclusive #DoingItForJarrod black cap and towel, and a classic Leuk keyring to use as giveaways and prizes. The items could even be used as a raffle or auction item to help enhance your club’s fundraising tally. For any additional support, please call Steve on 03 9829 8474 or contact him at

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Where can we get fundraising ideas to enhance our #DoingItForJarrod day?

We have compiled a list of ideas that may assist with fundraising on your nominated day.

If you need more assistance, please email or call 03 9329 8474 and our fundraising team will help you to get started. 
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Can we promote our DoingItForJarrod event?

We encourage all clubs to promote their individual fundraising events through your club’s social media pages and other electronic methods. If you would like some digital images to assist with promotion via social media, club newsletter or website, please email

When posting to social media, don’t forget to include the hashtag #DoingItForJarrod and handle @Challengecancer.

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What do we do with photos from our #DoingItForJarrod event?

We would love for you to share photos on your club’s or your own social media pages. Don't forget to include #DoingItForJarrod and tag Challenge on Facebook. 

You can also email your photos to so we can use them to encourage more clubs to get on board.

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How can our club stay up to date with the progress of the 2024 #DoingItForJarrod campaign?

Every registered club will receive a regular newsletter with updates about the campaign.


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What happens with the money we raise?

All of the money raised as part of your club’s #DoingItForJarrod event will need to be deposited into the Challenge bank account. This can be done through an electronic transfer by the club or an individual person’s account, or in person at the bank.

The Challenge bank details are:

Account Name: Challenge Cancer Support Network Inc

BSB: 013 377

Account: 2703 22237

Please list your clubs name in the 'reference box' to ensure we can correctly allocate the funds. We will issue you a donation receipt after the funds have been received.

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How does our club's fundraising make a difference?

Every dollar your club raises will go towards continuing Jarrod's legacy to assist Challenge families in the following ways:

  • Home Help 
  • Food and supermarket vouchers for families 
  • Financial and practical assistance 
  • Working closely with Mark Knight to create a collection of illustrated books, which will be used as an educational resource.

With your ongoing support, we will continue to honour Jarrod’s legacy and expand on the amazing work he has already done for children and families living with cancer.

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Can I get an individual tax deduction donation receipt?

We can provide you with as many donation receipts as you require for the money you raised! All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Let us know the amount and the sponsor’s name.

For example, if your club raises $2000 in total, we can email a receipt for Sponsor A for $200, Sponsor B for $50, Sponsor C for $400, Sponsor D for $550, and the remaining $800 receipt will be in the name of the club. Despite the breakdown of receipts, the entire $2000 will be allocated to your club’s total, and your club will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for $2000 that you will be able to share with your members and sponsors.

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How can we share our fundraising results?

Once your funds have been received, Challenge will email you a Certificate of Appreciation. We will also send you a digital image that you can share with your members. 

Your fundraising efforts, no matter how big or small, will help us to continue Jarrod’s legacy of providing practical support to kids with cancer so give yourself – and everyone involved – a pat on the back for a job well done!


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Can we order Leuk the Duck merchandise to promote and sell at our event?

We have a wide range of Leuk the Duck and Challenge merchandise products available to purchase.

To receive our wholesale pricing list, please email

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What's the best way to display Leuk the Duck merchandise at our club?

We can send you a custom-made display unit, including assembly instructions. The unit is free with any merchandise order (shipping cost applies).

Click here for display instructions and images - Leuk The Duck Display
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Can I buy more #DoingItForJarrod pin flags?

Of course! This is the fifth year of our #DoingItForJarrod campaign, and we release a new pin flag every year. If you want to add to your collection or get a pin flag your club may have missed, please email

Individual Fundraisers

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I registered as an individual, but I've lost my username and/or password.

Not to worry! Our fundraising team can resend the details. Please call us at 03 9329 8474 or email

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Do I receive a registration pack as an individual? 

For a donation of $50, you will receive a Leuk the Duck black cap.

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