Getting Started

How does our club get involved with #DoingItForJarrod?

Getting involved in our #DoingItForJarrod campaign is simple. All you need to do is CHOOSE an existing members day to be your club’s #DIFJ day, COMPLETE an online registration form, and COLLECT a donation from every player on the day.

Simply fill out our registration form that requires a few details

Why does our club need to register?

In order to properly coordinate this nationwide campaign, it’s important for every club to complete a registration form so we have the necessary contact and event details. There are several great inclusions as part of this campaign (see the next question!) and we want to ensure that every club receives the necessary campaign correspondence and recognition.

What happens after we register?

Once you register your club for #DoingItForJarrod, you will be sent an Authority to Fundraise that you can show to potential donors or sponsors to prove that your fundraising is legitimate. You will also be sent, at no cost to you, a special #DIFJ registration pack that includes several products for your club to use as giveaways or prizes on the day.

Every year the #DIFJ campaign officially ends on Yellow Day at the Australian PGA Championships, which in 2022 will be on Friday 25 November at the Royal Queensland Golf Club. On that day, a special PGA of Australia Honour Board will be displayed with the name of every club who took part in the #DIFJ campaign this year, and we will also unveil the total amount raised by the clubs.

Who can be our club's #DoingItForJarrod organiser?

Anyone can be the main contact for a #DoingItForJarrod event. It does not need to be a club professional, club captain, committee member or general manager. All we need is one enthusiastic club member who is willing to be the club’s main point of contact throughout the campaign.

There’s no need to stress – we promise you will be well-supported in this role!

Is this campaign open to social golf clubs?

The #DIFJ campaign is absolutely open to social golf clubs. In fact we’ve already had several social clubs take part in previous years, and they have really enjoyed being involved. They receive exactly the same support, resources and recognition as other clubs, and will get to see their name on the Honour Board later this year at the Australian PGA Championship.

Is there an age limit?

You must be 16 years or older to fundraise on behalf of Challenge, or be under parental guidance.

Once you sign up

What support will we receive from Challenge?

As soon as you register for #DoingItForJarrod, you will be given access to our top secret Chips &Tips webpage that will have all the resources you could possibly need to run your day. You will also receive correspondence from our friendly fundraising team who will be able to answer all your questions and offer suggestions at every step in the process.

Did we already mention a registration pack? It’s definitely worth reminding you that you will receive, at no cost, a special #DIFJ pack that’s full of products you can use a giveaways or prizes on your day, or could even be a raffle or auction item to help enhance your club’s fundraising tally.

Where can we get fundraising ideas to enhance our #DoingItForJarrod day?

We have a top secret webpage full of helpful resources for your #DoingItForJarrod day. From ideas to enhance your club’s fundraising, to a suite of digital assets to help promote your event through your club’s social media channels, our private page will answer all of your questions.

What happens if we have to change our #DoingItForJarrod event date?

There could be a hundred different reasons for changing your #DIFJ event date, and it’s really no big deal. Simply make contact with our friendly fundraising team on 03 9329 8474 or mail@challenge.org.au and let them know that your date needs to change.


What happens with the money we raise?

All of the money raised as part of your club’s #DoingItForJarrod event will need to be deposited into the Challenge bank account. This needs to be done either via electronic transfer from the club or individual person’s account, or in person at the bank.

The Challenge bank details are:

Account Name: Challenge Cancer Support Network Inc

BSB: 013 377

Account: 2703 22237

How does our club's fundraising make a difference?

Every dollar raised by your club will be used as part of Jarrod’s Gift, which is Jarrod Lyle’s legacy for Challenge. To date, money raised since 2019 through our #DoingItForJarrod campaign has been used to assist Challenge families in the following ways:

  • Home Help – with assistance from a professional cleaning service, we provide six hours of in-home cleaning to each family living with the stressful circumstances of having a child with cancer.
  • Food and supermarket vouchers for families who have joined Challenge since January 2020.
  • Financial and practical assistance throughout the COVID-impacted Christmas period.
  • Working closely with Mark Knight to create a collection of illustrated books, which will be used as an educational resource for new and existing families and the support communities around them.

With your ongoing support, we will continue to honour Jarrod’s legacy and expand on the amazing work he has already done for children and families living with cancer.

Legal Stuff

What do we do if our club is asked for proof that we are fundraising for Challenge?

After you have registered to be part of our #DoingItForJarrod campaign, you will receive an Authority to Fundraise letter that formalises your commitment to fundraise on behalf of Challenge. You will be able to show that letter to donors and sponsors as needed, and anyone else who may ask to see it.

Online Access

I have registered for #DoingItForJarrod as an individual and I have lost my username and/or password

Not to worry! Our fundraising team can resend the details. Please call us at 03 9329 8474 or email mail@challenge.org.au.

Our club has signed up and we have lost the password to access the Chips & Tips section

Not to worry! Our fundraising team can resend the details. Please call us at 03 9329 8474 or email mail@challenge.org.au.

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