We invite every club around Australia to officially join this collaborative campaign and help raise funds for Challenge.

The concept is easy:

CHOOSE an existing members' day

COMPLETE an online registration form

COLLECT a donation from each player.

Some clubs like to add their own creative touch to the event, organising a raffle and other activities on the day, making it a fun day for their members. 

Get in touch if you want to discuss your plans or need tips or ideas to get started.


If you're a golfer and your club is not involved in this fundraising campaign, you can register as an individual. Simply round up some mates and play a round of golf.

Every individual who registers and makes a donation of $50 will receive an exclusive #DoingItForJarrod cap. 
If your group donates $50 you will receive one cap. 

The concept is easy:

CREATE an account

COMPLETE your details

DONATE $50, we will send you a cap and you will help make a difference. 

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss what you’ve got planned. 
Our team will give helpful advice to support you including tips & ideas to get you started. 

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