About Challenge

Challenge is a not-for-profit organisation that supports children and families living with cancer 365 days a year. Their support is free and immediate, helping to lighten the cancer journey by addressing our members' practical, social, and emotional needs.

Following a child's diagnosis, life changes significantly. Families begin a journey of uncharted territory, where they learn to adapt to a 'new normal' of life with cancer. Adjusting to these changes is difficult and takes its toll on every family member – patient, parent, and sibling(s). This is where Challenge steps in. Sometimes you do not know what it is you need until someone shows you.

Programs for children

Camps, hospital support, activity days, playgroup sessions, music and art therapy.

Programs for families

Family activities, lunches, parent activities & retreats, home help, date nights, holiday accommodation, transportation and financial assistance.

Scholarships & Trusts

Academic and creative scholarships for primary, secondary and tertiary students.

Bereavement services

Support and advice, social groups and retreats.

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