Krystina’s Cut for a Cause

By Krystina & Family

How the money raised will make a difference?

Help me make a difference!

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Krystina and I am cutting my hair on the 15th August 2023 to raise money for kids with cancer and their families. Please help me reach  my $1,000 goal by donating today.  

In addition to raising money I will also be donating my cut hair to make wigs for kids.

Thank you

Challenge is a unique organisation that has a very personal connection to children and families living with cancer. The wellbeing of the entire family is Challenge’s fundamental concern. Through their programs and services, they aim to make life easier as children deal with a life-threatening illness.

Challenge provides an extensive range of non-medical support services including playgroup, music and art therapy, massage therapy and practical information. In the community, Challenge offers camps, tickets to sporting matches and concerts, holiday accommodation, parent retreats, home help, financial support and educational scholarship opportunities. In hospital, Challenge has a daily interface on the ward which involves providing equipment, activities and support.

Please donate to help me reach my target.

My Updates

Friday 18th Aug

One week to go

Wednesday 9th Aug
Hi All,
There is one week to go until the big day where I cut my hair.  I am so excited that I will be able to donate around 40cm length of hair and that will be able to make a wig for someone who needs it.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  There is still 1 week to go and I am hopeful that I will reach my target. Thank you Krystina x

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good luck


Noella Brandt

Well done Christina what a beautiful gift



Well done beautiful. Very thoughtful.


Alysha & Prep Brilliant At Mqh


Anne Reid

Good on you well done


Becc Miller

We’ll done champion, such a wonderful thing to do for some one else


Brent Spiteri

Good on your Christina. Very brave


Cathy Lyons

Doesn’t surprise me that you would be something as thoughtful as this because that is the type of person you are. Good on you Krystyna


Cheryl Rippon-dootson

What an amazing thing to do, so brave. There will be some very appreciative kids out there.


Diane Stephens

Well done Kristina 💕


Elizabeth Bezzina

Amazing effort Krystyna! For someone so young to be thinking of others, you are a champ!


Elli Psikarakis

Well done Krystina. What a beautiful heart you have. Such a great cause.


Fiona Hocking

Awesome initiative - well done.


Greenvale Fish And Chips


Jenny S

What a beautiful thing your doing Krystina, I am extremely proud of you.


Jessie Brown

Well done Christina, such a wonderful cause. You should be so proud of yourself.


Kirk Henshall

Go Christina someone will appreciate your donation



Good on you Christina. All for a very good cause


Lauren Psikarakis



A great cause Christina, good on you 👏


Lucy D'amico

You are so brave Krystina, we are all so proud of you! Love Lucy


Melissa & Madison Yovanche

Such a beautiful heart you have gorgeous girl xo


Miranda And Family

Well done Christina 💕


Natasha Lawrence

Go Christina! What an amazing gift you are giving. Can't wait to see the new hairdo!


Paul Sidhu

Amazing cause Krystina. Well done.


Peter Harding

Beautiful work Krystyna. What a very thoughtful gesture to such an important cause.


Rebecca G


Ruby Binion And Family

Great work in supporting a very special cause !


Stacia Morris

Fabulous effort what a wonderful thing to do to help raise money.


Teresa Mattei

You are amazing and what you are doing is extremely special and to be highly commended. You are an excellent role model to all your peers and we are very proud of you! Teresa MQH


Tierney, Nina & Charlie X

Commendable Krystina! You will bring joy and happiness to whomever is the fortunate recipient of your selfless act and generosity. Well done you, you should be super proud of yourself!


Vesna Zougras

Well done gorgeous girl!! You are such a beautiful girl!! We love you!! ❤️ Nonna and Nonno