Stand Up for Kids with Cancer


By purchasing our Box of Leuk the Duck Socks, you can join us in standing up for kids with cancer by showing your support while also helping to spread awareness.

Leuk, short for Leukemia, is a beloved mascot for Challenge members and their families, whom we proudly support.

Created by world-renowned Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight, Leuk the Duck has become an inspiring symbol of hope for many. Through fun and informative animated cartoons, Leuk helps explain cancer, its impact on the body, and different treatment options. Children and parents alike can find comfort in Leuk's easy-to-understand approach. 

100% of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to Challenge, helping us provide vital resources and support to kids living with cancer and their families. So why not stand up for kids with cancer today and make a difference with Leuk the Duck socks?

Will you join them and stand up for kids with cancer?

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