Challenge would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters for their incredible commitment to the 2024 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friends Gala Dinner.

Special thanks to:

Adrian Bott
Adrianne Sarkozy
AGL Volunteers
Albert Solis
Alicia Pau
Andrea Zanella
Anna Toman
Bruno Margariti
Caroline Pullen
Carolyn Josephson
Challenge Volunteers
Chef Blake Edwards
Chef Ian Crough
Chef Kelly Jackson
Daisy Dixon
Daniel D'Assisi
Danielle Bleazby
Dempsey Group
Dr Yvonne King
Emi Slade
Emma Blake
Gai Waterhouse
Ian Wood
Jonathan Dempsey
Kate Mackie
Mellissa De Baize
NAB Volunteers
Naomi Cooper
Sarah & Brent DeBoer
Sarah Howard-Whiteley
Trish Walsh
Wendy Nankervis

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