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Challenge is a not-for-profit organisation that supports children and families living with cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder - from the time of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

We lighten the cancer journey for the whole family by providing practical support and enjoyable experiences, 365 days of the year.

Challenge believes that children and families who are provided with fun experiences and support are better able to cope with the pressures of a life-threatening illness. Our philosophy is to bring relaxation and a little ‘normal’ back to these difficult journeys, by looking after the small things in and out of hospital.

Programs for children

Camps, hospital support, activity days, playgroup sessions, ticketing, massage therapy, music & art therapy.

Programs for families

Family activities, lunches, parent activities & retreats, couple getaways, home help, date nights, holiday accommodation, transportation and financial assistance.

Scholarships & Trusts

Academic and creative scholarships for primary, secondary and tertiary students.

Bereavement services

Support and advice, social groups and retreats.

How we help

Following a child’s diagnosis, life changes significantly. Families begin a journey of uncharted territory, where they learn to adapt to a ‘new normal’ of life with cancer. Adjusting to these changes is difficult and takes its toll on every member of the family – patient, parent, and sibling(s).

This is where Challenge steps in. Sometimes you do not know what it is you need until someone shows you.

Challenge aims to manage the impact of a cancer diagnosis by addressing the emotional, social, and practical needs of your family. Whether it is help at home or a weekend away, we tailor our services to meet the requirements of each individual within the family unit. 

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